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A.W.R. Smith Process Instrumentation cc

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Portable Meters

TM8830 Economic Tri-Angle 20° / 60° / 85° Gloss Meter

ISO-2813, GB9754-88, GB9966.5, JJG696-2002


Gloss meters apply to paint, ink, paper, decorative materials, stoving varnish, coatings, ceramics, wood products, Marble, granite, vitrified polished tile, pottery brick and porcelain, plastics, flooring, automotive finish and other non-metallic materials surface gloss testing

General guide for choosing correct angle ** : (GU value is based on 60º measurement)

High gloss surface

> 70 GU

Use 20º

Semi gloss surface

10 ~ 70 GU

Use 60º

Low gloss / Matt surface

< 10 GU

Use 85º

** Final decision of measuring angle lies with the customer according to individual requirements, procedures and standards that are being applied. If there is any doubt then tri-angle gloss meters are the best choice to provide all three measurements.

WG60C Economic 60° Gloss Meter

Data Sheet

ISO-2813, ASTM-C584, ASTM-D523, DIN-67530

ASTM-D2457, JND-A60, JND-P60, GB9754, GB9966, GB8807