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Moisture Content in Wood & Building Materials

Portable Moisture Meters / Damp Meter


HYDRO-Tec Pinless Moisture Meter for Wood, Concrete and Walls

Manual Data Sheet

For more accurate moisture measurement click here for our range of Moisture Analysers

Measuring range

Wood: 2.0 – 65.0%

Concrete: 0 - 35.0%

Density range

Wood: 420 – 700 kg/m3

Concrete: 1800 – 2400 kg/m3  

Scanning depth

Wood: 20 mm

Concrete: 10 mm  


0.1% humidity; 1ºC/ºF

Timber groups

1  -  8

Concrete groups

1 -  4

Temperature range

-10ºC to +60ºC

Operating temperature

0ºC to +40ºC

Power supply

2 x 1.5V AAA Alkaline batteries

Approx. 10 hours use

Auto shut off function

After approx. 1 minute

Dimensions and weight

110 x 43 x 25 mm / 75g

Hydro-Tec is a portable moisture meter designed for fast and convenient moisture measurements of building materials (concrete, masonry, brick). The Hydro-Tec measures the moisture content of a material using capacity technology, not damaging the material’s surface. It ensures accurate moisture measurement at a depth of up to 20 mm within a working range of 0.1-65% (material and density dependant). Despite its small size, the moisture meter is equipped with a “Material database” that consists of 9 groups of materials, including 23 types of wood such as spruce, willow, cedar, poplar, aspen, alder, pinewood, basswood, birch, walnut, hazel, larch, cherry tree, elm tree, beech, teak, oak, pear tree, ash wood, yew, hornbeam, rosewood, and meranti. Moisture meter Hydro-Tec CONDTROL is a great solution for those who need a high-quality professional instrument for wood and building material moisture measurements. This makes the instrument to be in popular demand among builders, woodworkers, furniture makers, carpenters and quality inspectors.